What a Great Blog is

This post is for challenge 4 of the student blogging challenge. There are many ways to make a blog a great blog. This is what I consider a great blog. I believe that what makes a great blog is not the spelling, or the word choice, its the ideas and how their written. A great blog is one thing that stays on topic onto the main idea. Like if you were to make a blog about bunnies, then you would keep blogging about bunnies and nothing else like koalas. A great blog also makes the reader aware of it, aware of the problems or any of the things about it. A blog that makes you feel the feelings the blogger is portraying. Or any of the usual stuff you learn in english class about conventions, ideas, and other stuff like that.  That is what I think a good blog is.

Why you should visit my Post

This post is for the Challenge 1 of the student blogging challenge. There are many reasons why you should read my post. Such as different things about my school. Like what is happening right now (ex: dances, lunches, etc.). I don’t really know what I’m going to blog about in the future. I think I’m going to just blog about random stuff. So if you like random stuff that you don’t know whats happening, then view my blogs.